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“Marcos Fernandez’s music never ceases to be colourful and arresting” – THE MALTA INDEPENDENT

Piano Underscore features original music written and performed by Marcos Fernandez. Originally from Barcelona, where he studied piano, Marcos moved to Glasgow and then London, to pursue his composition studies. Nowadays, his experienced in the music industry created a very eclectic profile as a performer, composer and teacher.

Twelve years offering classical recitals, cocktail piano sessions in the most sophisticated venues of London, and scoring for films as well as teaching piano, culminated in Piano Underscore; a concept that merges the proficiency of the classical piano technique and the intimacy of a piano cocktail session with the desire to promote the instrument to a wider audience through the evocative and descriptive idiom of film music.

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VOLUME 2 (2017)

Written in London and Barcelona, “Piano Underscore – Volume 2” is the result of 6 inspiring years in Great Britain and Spain, countries in which Celtic connections have always influenced the composer in his film soundtracks, operas and experimental concert […]

VOLUME 1 (2011)

This could be the soundtrack that underscores a journey departing through the waves of sea to finish where West meets East. Some of this works were first conceived during the creation of the opera Noctum, a modern opera that […]

Eclipse, for orchestra

Featured in the first volume of Piano Underscore, Eclipse was the overture of a mutidisciplinary chamber opera (“Noctum”), written by the composer during an artist in residency program for Cre.Art Project/Cre.Art Box in Oviedo.  […]

New York premiere

Cre.Art Box’s resident pianist, Josefina Urraca, gives the American premiere of “Northumbrian” during the 2016 Visuality Concert Series at Queens Theatre. The performance employs cutting-edge technology and video mapping installations  […]

London, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Oviedo, Newcastle...

Many cities were involved during the creation of Piano Underscore; some provided the inspiration to explore ideas and evolve them into compositions, others offered the technical collaboration to produce and record such ideas and most of them have seen, heard and premiered the final result.

Nevertheless, it was the Ocean the first setting for Piano Underscore, where it was performed and shared its musical stories to an audience on board of British vessel “Minerva”, Swan Hellenic. Stay tuned to hear about the next performances.

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Piano Underscore II 
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Piano Underscore  
(Complete album)
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