Marcos Fernandez

Marcos Fernandez



Born in Barcelona, he was awarded a degree in Piano at Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya  before moving to Glasgow to study Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Marcos continued his studies at the Royal College of Music (London) gaining a Masters degree in Composition. He lived in London, where he founded the Theory & Composition course at the Trinity Music Academy and is currently teaching at the Conservatoire of Barcelona, where he lives. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


His many international awards include: Societe Royale d’Harmonie (Belgium); Concurso de Composicion Fundacion Autor (Spain) and The Prize Patrond’s Fund (UK). His works have been programmed by The Asturias Symphony Orchestra, The Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona, The Madrid Symphony Orchestra, The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, The National Orchestra of Malta, The Britten Sinfonia, The MCM Ensemble (Italy) and Cre.Art Ensemble, (New York).


Following the success of his first Opera ‘Noctum’, he collaborated with author and librettist David Almond to produce his second opera ‘Miracle!’. Scoring both plots inspired him to developed the music further into the creation of Piano Underscore.


As well as performing for The English National Ballet, The Michael Clark Dance company amongst many others, Marcos has also produced soundtracks for films such as “Tuck me In” by Ignacio F. Rodó.

Two operas

During an artist residency in Oviedo (Spain), Marcos and Cre.Art Project (Guillermo Laporta and Tagore González) conceived what later became “A fable of lights and shadows of great expressiveness, which explores the world of opera and lyricism through dance, acrobatics, electronics and audiovisual technology, as disciplines of great dramatic and dramatic strength…”. Some of the ideas and leitmotivs explored during the residency were later featured in Piano Underscore Volume 1

Working with bestseller author David Almond, Marcos was asked to score his libretto for “Miracle!”; a story where Heaven and Earth were connected through the passion of love and football in Sunderland (England). Premiered in 2016 to critical acclaim by “Opera Sunderland” (Music in the Minster); the legacy of the opera is still alive after two British cultural awards and with it’s leitmotivs being developed further in Piano Underscore II Volume 2.