Eclipse, for orchestra

Commissioned by Cre.Art Project / Cre.Art Box

Featured in the first volume of Piano Underscore, Eclipse was the overture of a mutidisciplinary chamber opera (“Noctum”), written by the composer during an artist residency program for Cre.Art Project/Cre.Art Box in Oviedo. 

After its premiere during a Spanish tour of the opera in 2010, Eclipse received over 30 performances during the following few years around the World. An expanded version written for orchestra interested the Symphony Orchestra of Asturias, which gave the first orchestral premiere in 2016.

While the original chamber version receives regular programming with Cre.Art Box Ensemble (New York) in the USA every year, the orchestral version is gaining popularity in symphonic concert halls; next time to be performed with the Symphony Orchestra of Madrid (ORCAM) at the National Concert Hall of Spain in Madrid with  Victor Pablo Perez